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Fabulous recruitment fashion company FRILL CLOTHING asked me to check out their adorable rushwear skirts and tell my blog followers all about them. I was happy to take a close look at their sweet skirts and share my thoughts with all of you!



Frill designs…
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Anonymous: I love your blog so much! Makes me look forward to rushing this fall :) Do you have any tips for girls who will be rushing?

Thank you sweet girl! Oh boy do I have tips haha as an incoming senior I have been through rush 3 times and each time I learn something new. Below is a bullet list of what I think are the most important things to remember during rush! 

-Plan your outfits ahead of time! A week or so before rush map out potential options for each round…typically each round gets fancier,  also check the weather and plan accordingly.

-Keep shine sheets, mints, lipgloss, hair pins, ect. in a purse just in case!

-Do NOT go into rush with preconceived opinions on houses…this is probably the biggest advice I can give. Just because the girl next to you loves one house doesn’t mean you have to! Each house is different and has great girls! Keep an open mind and be yourself and you will find the perfect fit!

-Have a support system! Make sure your mom, Rho Gamma,  or best friend from home is available to talk and discuss what you feel about the rush process! I would advise to keep the talking amoungst other rushees to a minimum to avoid persuasion, but definitely have someone to talk to!

-Wear comfortable shoes! Even if you are wearing heels make sure you can walk in them! I have seen too many girls trip and fall :(

-Lastly Have Fun! Being in a sorority has been one of the best decisions i have made in college and I know I met some girls I will be friends with forever!

Hope this helps! xoxo


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